Three Important keywords in Energy Channeling

Three Important keywords in Energy Channeling


Q: What are the things that babies do naturally but most adults “work very hard” to do them?

A: Relax, Smile & Surrender …. 



As Reiki Tummo Practitioners, we know the importance of Relax, Smile & Surrender in energy channeling. Why? You should be aware now that no part of your brain is capable of controlling the energyWhen you channel Reiki Tummo energy, it is your heart that is in control. That is why when you relax and smile, the energy flow better in terms of quantity and quality. When you relax, your brain is less dominant and when you are smiling, your heart becomes stronger.


Q:        What should I do before I can feel relax in energy channeling?

A:        Ok, let us start with less effort & less observing. Why?


When you put your effort in channelling the energy, you will feel you are very tense. Correct energy channelling should make you lighter, more peaceful and happy.

Realize as Reiki practitioner, you’re only a channeller, the source of energy is not from you. You cannot do anything to make the energy flows smoother.


When you are observing the energy flows out from your palms, you are actually reducing the quantity & quality of the energy flow. This is because your observation actually makes part of yourself want to control how the energy should flow out. Observing energy, will make you tense even though it is not as much as when you’re putting effort to it.


Only if there is less effort & less observing, you’ll be able to start feeling relax. If these two things you can’t do them properly. It means, you are not relax enough.


Q:        Is it true smiling can impact the quality and quantity of energy that I channel?

A:        Yes, Of course! Smiling is a very important part of our life.


Have you ever read/heard that a smile is an important key for you to live healthier?  If a smile can make you healthier, then smiling can let the energy flow better in term of quality & quantity.


Master Irman taught us that a correct smile should be sweetly, freely & happily.  For those of you who rarely smile, in the beginning you will find strange things happen on the muscles surrounding your face. Don’t worry, keep-on smiling soon these will no longer be a strange things.  For those who feels tired when smiling sweetly and freely, this is because you force yourself and you put too much effort in it. So smile sweetly, freely and happily in doing it, you won’t feel any tiredness on muscles surrounding your face.


Q:        What is the meaning of Surrender in energy Channeling?

A:        To surrender simply means that you want to let the Divine blessing works through you. Remember that when you channel energy, it is not you who is doing the healing. The energy, the Divine blessing, is the one that heals. You are simply a channel. Realizing this and letting Divine energy work surely will give you better results.


So, while still feeling your heart, relaxing, smiling and channelling energy, simply intend to let the Divine blessing (REIKI Tummo Energy) work fully on you and through you. Don’t even think about how. Thinking will only make your brain stronger. Your heart knows how to do it. To let your heart be in control, simply feel the peace and calmness within your heart and enjoy it.


With this realization and practice to be within your heart. Use it properly and surrender your heart to Divine Creator, then our relationship with the Creator will become better and more beautiful in all aspects.Isn’t that the purpose of our life in this world?

May we be able to rely on the Love of The Divine Creator completely.



Extracted from the Reiki Tummo "An effective technique for health and happiness" Author : Irmansyah Effendi