Stress, Depression & Other Psychology problems

Stress, Depression & Other Psychology problems


In “Reaping the benefits of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life” book, Master Irman highlighted that though Reiki Tummo has similarity with Reiki from Other Tradition, however it has other many differences too. As you aware, Reiki Tummo attunement opens all channels & gateways of energy as well as safe awakening of the Kundalini. Reiki Tummo also emphasised on using the Heart and Surrendering to Creator/Divine Source

All practices in Reiki Tummo are only facilities to let the Creator bless, strengthen and open the heart of practitioner further so as he can surrender himself to the Creator. The Reiki Tummo practitioner is consistently being reminded and realizes that all beautiful things are blessing from the Creator. 

Master Irman receives a lot of feedback from alumni who practices Reiki Tummo energy channeling and combine with strengthen & open heart techniques, they feel :

  • More calm and peace in daily life
  • Less negative emotion
  • Less stress in work
  • In dealing with a situation that used to give the alumni negative emotion, now the alumni can be more relax and even smile to it.
  • More lighten & happy in daily life

If your heart is really in a calm state, peace, light & happy, you will not easily get stress, depress or affected by negative psychological problems. Usually, in order to arrive in “negative state” a person goes thru few steps. Initially he is being burden by his thoughts and if it prolongs eventually will burden his heart. After his heart is being burden, whenever his new thoughts start to burden him again, he will easily get stress. With new burdens and existing burdens & constantly overly thinking, they will get easily trigger by a lot of negative emotions. 

A person who can are always in a state of calmness, lightness, peacefulness and happiness, he can distance himself  away from negative problems. Even if he has a problem, he can free himself from the negative emotion by realizing that he can take care himself into a state of calmness and peacefulness.

A person who is being overly burdened by prolongs problems, will not easily get himself out from the negative emotions. With just Reiki Tummo energy channeling, it will help the person to reduce negative problems that have overly burden himself/herself. The person need not be a Reiki Tummo Practitioner but if the person learns Reiki Tummo energy channeling and combine practice with strengthen & open the heart techniques, it will help to reduce his problems even further.

The importance thing here, one doesn’t let the problems stack-up. If a problem or burden is allowed to stack-up (usually for 1 or 2 days), it may not be easy to resolved. Even though the person practices Reiki Tummo frequently, in the beginning he will not get the best benefit. Lastly, Master Irman has seen many alumni channels Reiki Tummo and practice strengthen as well as opening heart to Creator diligently. That practitioner finds peacefulness that he has never felt.



Extracted from "Reaping the Benefit of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life" (Author :  Irmansyah Effendi)