Skill of a Reiki Practitioner

Skill of a Reiki Practitioner

  • Does a skill of Reiki Practitioner same as other practitioner in the same level?

  • If Practitioner “A” learns a Reiki till Level 2, does he have the same skills as Practitioner “B” in the same level too?


Answer : Oh, of course NO!


A lot of factors determine the skills of a Reiki Practitioner, namely:


1. Tradition & Reiki Attunement a practitioner obtained


Eventhough all true Reiki is good & enough for healing, actually the attunement received is not all the same. This is because the size and way to open  Chakras & Nadis are not the same manner, as such it will affect the quality & quantity of energy channeling a practitioner.


Reiki Tummo tradition opens all gates (Chakras) & energy channels from the top till bottom of body & even awakens the Kundalini.


2. Legality of Attunement given


If a person writes a cheque to draw a big amount of money that he doesn’t have, Can he draw the money? It’s easy to talk about a cheque & a person who draws money that he doesn’t own, rather than talk about Reiki Attunement Legality.

Why? It is because a cheque is a physical object.


In general, if a practitioner receives a good Reiki attunement, he feels energy flow smoothly & energize. He also feels more calm, light & happy. In the end, he certainly will be more grateful to God.


3. Understanding & Practise


The correct attunement is only a first step. Attunement opens the chakras & energy channels so that a practitioner can receive Divine energy through the crown chakras which is above the head. Practitioner then can channel it out through both of his palms.


Why is the understanding & practice important? This is because many people receive Reiki Attunement and exercise within an hour only in each level. Do you think is enough? The practitioner should ask himself the objective of learning Reiki to reap the benefit or just to receive certificate?

Only through continuously practice, a practitioner can understand & really appreciate what he has obtained.



4. Belief


Belief is a very important aspect. We see a person who has strong belief/confidence can reap a good result for himself or others though the person just received Reiki Attunement Level 2 or level 1. However belief is not a mandatory aspect. As long as the practitioner or patient doesn’t reject, Reiki energy still works and the practitioner can reap a good benefit. Though the practitioner doesn’t have confidence in himself, so be open-minded please.


5. Exercise


The real benefit of Reiki can only be obtained after the practitioner has practice it for himself or other being. The skill of a practitioner can only be obtained through continuous exercise & experience in channeling Reiki energy.


Imagine a person who can write a document in computer within 10 minutes as he familiar using the computer software compare to a person who has never using the same software to write a document. YES, Exercise is one of the important  key to help practitioner gain benefit in a short period.


So let us reap the Benefit of Reiki Tummo in our Daily Life, shall we?



Extracted from "Reaping the Benefit of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life"
(Author: Irmansyah Effendi)