Q & A in Reiki Tummo Energy Channeling.

Q & A in Reiki Tummo Energy Channeling


Q: I received my Reiki Tummo attunement several months ago, but since the attunement, I have not done any practice at all. Do I need to receive the attunement again?


A: No, The attunement you received is permanent. If you practice, the chakras and energy channels become cleaner and larger. On the other hand, if you do not practice at all, the chakras and energy channels that were opened in the attunement will become soiled. Although soiled, your chakras and energy channels are not closed. An attunement is like a drilling process. If a drilled hole is left for a long time, the hole might become filled with impurities. In this case, you only need to clean the hole and no re-drilling is necessary. You only need to practice all the given techniques again to be able to channel divine energy well.



Q:  I could not feel any energy at all. What should I do ?


A: Keep practicing and your sensitivity will improve. Emphasize the exercise for your heart as heart is the key for feeling energy. None of your five senses can feel the energy. Although you could not feel any sensations during energy channeling, the energy does flow. You still can channel healing energy for yourself and others. If you channel energy to someone who is sensitive, the person will feel the energy you are channeling. If you are still in doubt, you can channel energy to another Reiki Tummo practitioner and ask if the person can feel your energy or not.


Q: Why is it that I often feel energy vibrations at a specific part of my body and not at another when I am channeling energy to myself?


A: Every part of the body has different needs. Some parts of the body may need more cleansing or treatment, so when you are channeling energy toward that particular part of the body, you can feel a lot of sensations like vibrations. Meanwhile, there may not be as many sensations at the parts of the body that do not need much cleansing or treatment.


Q: Do I need to activate a client’s own chakra and open the aura in a local energy channeling?


A: No, for local healing you can channel energy directly to the body part you are treating.


Q: Is it wrong to activate a client’s own chakra and open the aura in local energy channeling?


A: You may activate the client’s crown chakra and open the aura in local energy channeling, although it might not give any additional benefits.


Q: What will happen if I forget to activate my crown chakra before self-healing or a client’s crown chakra in a whole body energy channeling?


A: It is ok. Although energy might not flow as well as when you activate the crown chakra, the energy will still flow.


Q: What will happen if I forget to open the aura in a whole body energy channeling?


A: Although not maximized, the body will still receive the energy.


Q: Why is that the crown chakra is not closed after energy channeling is completed?


A: The crown chakra is very important for spiritual advancement. It is very good if your crown chakra becomes cleaner and more developed, even for those who are not Reiki Tummo practitioners.


Q: What will happen if I forget to sweep the aura after whole body energy channeling?


A: The aura is an elastic layer. Thus, it becomes tidy by itself.


Q: If it is possible to channel Reiki Tummo energy to the whole body by placing the hands at only one position, why is it still recommended to channel energy at many positions all over the body from head to feet?


A: When the hands are placed at one position, but the intention is to spread energy to the whole body, the energy will cover the whole body surface and enter the body from almost all directions. Thus, the amount of energy that flows to each portion of the body is usually less and it is more difficult to reach deeper into the body.




Extracted from : Reiki Tummo "An effective technique for health and happiness"
(Author Irmansyah Effendi)