Open Heart Level 1 & 2 workshops 9th & 10th Nov 2019

Open Heart Level 1 and 2 workshops heart
9th & 10th Nov 2019


We are grateful that the next Open Heart Workshop Level 1 and 2 is scheduled on Saturday & Sunday, 9th and 10th Nov 2019 respectively. 


The details of the Open Heart workshops Level 1 and Level 2 are appended below. Feel free to share the  below workshop information with your family, friends and colleagues :)


Do sign up early.  To reserve a space for the workshops, please fill up the attached Workshop Registration Form and return to us via email: with a $50 non-refundable deposit latest by 4th Nov 2019.


Please note that we have change the locations for the workshops if you had registered and have yet to received our email/ text message regards the change of venue. Please write to us ASAP at email: .



Open Heart Level 1 Workshop heart


Pre-requisite: None
Fees:  $160
Date and Time: Saturday, 9th Nov 2019, 9am to 5.30pm


Description of Workshop: heart


Level 1 Open Heart Workshop is a practical and experiential workshop designed to help you feel the beauty within your heart. The exercises in this workshop will show you how to reduce the domination of the brain and strengthen your heart connection, bringing abundant joy, peace, and calmness into your life. Level 1 Open Heart Workshop helps you to become attuned and better able to feel and connect to your heart, it will also help you to:


Get to know your heart better.

Get to know heart / feeling and brain / thoughts better.

Strengthen your heart.

Lessen the domination from your brain.

Open your heart through Open Heart Meditation™.

Realize True Source’s Blessing within your heart.

Surrender more to True Source.

Rely on True Source’s Blessing within your heart in praying and living your daily life.

Let your heart become more dominant in your daily life.



Open Heart Level 2 Workshop heart
Pre-requisite: Open Heart Level 1 Workshop
Fees:  $230
Date and Time: Sunday, 10th Nov 2019, 9.00am to 5.30pm


Description of Workshop: heart


Level 2 Open Heart Workshop will support and guide you to more deeply experience peace, joy, and blessings while relying on the love within your heart. A practical and experiential workshop designed to further assist you in letting go of life's burdens, pressures, and worries to experience a deeper layer in your heart, and how to begin accessing your heart for guidance. It will also help you:


Get truths from your heart.

Use your heart to rely on True Source’s Love in your daily life.

Improve the feeling within your heart.

Enjoy True Source’s Love on a deeper level.

Be more grateful while being within the Love.

Open your heart more to True Source.

Direct your heart even better to True Source.

Learn to trust True Source more by surrendering



Looking forward to receiving your application soon.



With Love and Gratitude,
Jessica and Julie
Singapore Open Heart workshops Coordinators