Charity Activity at Bright Hill Evergreen Home on 2 Dec 2017

Charity Activity at Bright Hill Evergreen Home on 2 Dec 2017


Dearest Joyful Hearts,


It is with great pleasure that We invite you to the charity event, organized by RTAS.

This event is open to all Reiki Tummo Alumni, friends & family..

It is an event organized to share True Source Love to the elderly residents in Nursing Home.


There are around 240 elderly residing in the home, most of them are beyond 70 years old. Some of them due to their condition, could not even leave their bed. We would like to draw your compassion and love to interact with elderly residents.

The joy of seeing them smile, will surely bring you happiness and feel being grateful to your wonderful hearts!


The function will be held on Saturday, 2nd of December, 2017 at the Bright Hill Evergreen Home (Punggol Field) from 09am to 12pm

This is an accredited non-profit nursing home. They rely on the generosity of people like you to help the Home to continue to provide nursing home facility to the needy elderly.


The followings are the Agenda:

1.       Introducing residents to our simple Open Heart Meditation
2.       Serving Tea to around 30 Residents in the hall
3.       Sing-along session
4.       For those willing, providing group energy healing to residents.
5.       Presenting Gifts to personally to each of residents


We will be donating/serving the following items to the elderly based on recommendation by the nursing home:

1.       Milo
2.       Cereal
3.       Biscuit (e.g: London Choco Roll)
4.       Face towel
5.       Medicated Oil
6.       Cakes & Drinks (e.g: chwee kueh, soon kueh, Pandan cake or even soft egg tart)
7.       Cash Donation to buy Adult Diapers


We need lots of help in terms of funding, packers to pack the goody bag, transporting the goody bag, to sing songs together with the elderly etc.  If you would like to contribute in anyway, please contact Judy (9711-3576) or En En (9673-7486) or any of the RTAS Committee.  

1.       For those who have yet to fulfill Shing Chi 9, 10, 11 requirement of 1-to-1 donation for 25 needy people, its a good opportunity for you to do it now.

2.       In the past, in good spirit, before attend any higher retreat (TSR and above)  we always visit orphanage or Nursing House. So Let’s use this opportunity to rekindle that good spirit.


For those who would like to fulfill above requirement, please transfer minimum $30 or more kindly WhatsApp or SMSJudy (9711-3576) and Wee Lee ( 9651 5636) for bank transfer detail.   Take note you must also be present on 2nd Dec to hand the goody bag to the elderly personally & interact with them.


We will be accepting Donation from now until 18-Nov-2017. 


We look forward to your presence at the event. 

Please register your interest with Judy, En En, or any of RTAS Committee. 

You are welcome to bring your family members too.  


Date: 02 Dec 2017
Timing: 9.30am to 11.30am (including preparation and pack up)
Nearest (East Loop) : LRT Coral Edge PE3 or  LRT Riviera PE4
Buses: 3, 50, 83, 85, 381


With Love & Gratitude.
RTAS Committee heartangel