About Us



We are a non-profit Singapore (RoS) registered Association founded to help the practitioners of Reiki Tummo in Singapore to practice together and share their experiences, and to help others to lead healthier and happier lives through Reiki Tummo.

RTAS is open to all Reiki Tummo practicioners in Singapore, regardless of sex, age, race or religion, who are willing to open their Hearts to share Love & Light, subscribe to the Association's objectives and to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.

We hold regular weekly practice for all Reiki Tummo practicioners, and help organise Reiki Tummo introductory talks/Workshops as well as participating in public exhibition to promote Reiki Tummo.

All alumni are invited to join Reiki Tummo and take part in RTAS activities to help each other to have a healthier, happier, calmer, more joyful, and more meaningful life... 


RTAS Objectives


  • To promote the learning of Reiki Tummo that includes: Reiki energy channeling, Kundalini practice and Meditation

  • To provide opportunities for sharing the art and experience among members

  • To help people to lead healthier and happier lives through practicing Reiki Tummo

  • To promote spiritual development


RTAS Activities include:


  • Holding discussion from personal experiences: to help answer questions from members, get more information on related subjects, and to share experience to motivate each others

  • Practising the exercises and techniques taught in Reiki Tummo workshops

  • Practising Reiki Tummo to relieves stress, tension and achieves relaxation

  • Channeling Divine Energy to give healing to each other and family members 

  • Promoting/helping people to be healthier and happier by practising Reiki Tummo

  • Praying from our Heart (for those who are interested in spiritual development)

  • Doing Open Heart Prayer to help people to cleanse the (spiritual) heart, to be healthier, happier and for world peace

  • Other special activities, such as: visiting orphanages, destitute/old folk homes, as well as doing other social work and charity donations